How would we apply For the L-1 Visa?

The L-1 visa is one of the extremely helpful US work visa accessible which permits worldwide associations to bring their unfamiliar representatives inside the US. The unfamiliar representative might be confessed to the US in L-1 visa status until the US manager requires the specialist to be in the US, it’s ultimately depends on a greatest time of three years stay. Later the unfamiliar worker can petition for an expansion of the L-1 visa. On the off chance that an unfamiliar representative to enter US on a US work visa, on the off chance that on L-1 visa especially, he wants to meet the fundamental prerequisites which makes him to be qualified to enter US on a L-1 visa.


  • The unfamiliar representative unquestionable necessity turned out abroad for the abroad organization for a constant time of one year in the previous three years.
  • The unfamiliar representative to be moved on US work visa, L-1 visa, probably been utilized abroad in a chief or administrative position or a position including specific information.
  • The unfamiliar representative should be coming to US on a US work visa, L-1 visa to work in a chief, administrative or specific information limit.
  • The unfamiliar representative coming on US work visa, L-1 visa should withdraw the US once his approved stay terminates.

The US organization documenting the US work visa, L-1 Dich vu visa request should likewise fulfill the prerequisites to be a certified association.

  • The abroad organization should be connected with the U.S. organization in a particular way. The unfamiliar organization for which the representative has worked should be a similar business or auxiliary or subsidiary or a parent organization.
  • The US organization should carry on with work in the US and another country during the exchange.

Application process for US work visa, L-1 visa:

A different structure need not be petitioned for relatives of the important recipient. At the point when the request is endorsed, but they should record separate application at the department to acquire visa section. USCIS supports the request the outside public is qualified for an exchange in to the US on L-1 visa. After supporting the request, the endorsed appeal is shipped off a U.S. department where the outside public can acquire L-Visa to enter the US. In the event that the unfamiliar public is now in the US in an alternate non-foreigner class then the person can change the status. The difference in status is consolidated alongside the L-1 request and a different structure is not needed. An unfamiliar worker on L-1 status is approved to remain for a limit of 3 years after that he can expand his/her L – 1 expansion. The expansion can be for an additional 2 years. The complete time of stay might arrive at seven years for L-1 A chiefs and leaders and five years for L-1 B particular information faculty.